Germ Cells
October 6 - 10, 2024
Abstract Deadline: July 19, 2024


Swathi Arur, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
Mitinori Saitou, Kyoto University, Japan
Mark Van Doren, Johns Hopkins University

You are cordially invited to participate in the 14th biennial meeting on Germ Cells to be held at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Long Island, New York. The meeting will begin with dinner and the first session on the evening of Sunday, October 6 and will conclude after lunch on Thursday October 10, 2024. 

The specific goals of this conference are to bring together a diverse group of scientists studying various molecular, cellular and genetic aspects of germ line and gamete development. This meeting is intended to provide a format for the exchange of ideas and information, to discuss the latest research findings and technical advances, and to facilitate the intellectual unification of research on germ cells and related disease states in diverse systems.

  • Germline Evolution
  • Sex Determination
  • Germline Stem Cells & Their Niche
  • Meiosis, Chromosome Mechanics & Cell Biology
  • Gametes & Fertilization
  • Epigenetics & Egg-to-Embryo Transition
  • Environmental & Hormonal Control
  • Post-transcriptional Control

Keynote Speaker:
Azim Surani, Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge, UK

Invited Speakers:
Elvan Boke, Center for Genomic Regulation Barcelona, Spain
Mike Buszczak, University of Texas Southwestern 
Blanche Capel, Duke University
Amander Clark, University of California, Los Angeles
Yaniv Elkouby, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Margaret Fuller, Stanford University
Sue Hammoud, University of Michigan
Verena Jantsch, University of Vienna, Austria
Rene Ketting, Institute of Molecular Biology, Mainz, Germany
Toshihiro Kobayashi, University of Tokyo, Japan
Andi Pauli, Research Institute of Molecular PA, Vienna, Austria
Prashanth Rangan, Icahn School of Medicine
Geraldine Seydoux, Johns Hopkins University
Allan Spradling, Carnegie Institution for Science
Wei Xie, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
Yukiko Yamashita, Massachusetts Institute of Technology/ Whitehead Institute
Shosei Yoshida, National Institute for Basic Biology, Okazaki, Japan

Unpublished material and must be submitted electronically by the abstract deadline. Selection of material for oral and poster presentation will be made by the organizers. The status (talk/poster) of abstracts will be posted on our web site as soon as decisions have been made by the organizers.

Financial Aid: Please apply in writing via email to Kelley McGrath if you require financial support; preference will be given to those submitting abstracts.

Social Media: The designated hashtag for this meeting is #cshlgermcells. Note that you must obtain permission from an individual presenter before live-tweeting or discussing his/her talk, poster, or research results on social media. Click the Policies tab above to see our full Confidentiality & Reporting Policy.

This conference is supported in part by funds provided by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development of the National Institutes of Health


In-Person Fees
Academic/Media Private Room/Private Bath Package: $1775 (Subject to availability.)
Academic/Media Private Room/Shared Bath Package: $1665
Academic Shared Room Package: $1515
Academic/Media No-Housing Package: $1130
Student Package*: $1410
Student No-Housing Package: $1025
Corporate Private Room/Private Bath Package: $2270
Corporate No-Housing Package: $1625

*Student Housing is default double occupancy. Please enquire about availability and fees to upgrade to private room.

NOTE: We cannot guarantee housing will be on campus

Room package reservations close 2 weeks before the meeting start date

Rules for Virtual Participation: Virtual participation will include access to the oral sessions via Zoom, access to the digital poster sessions and access to the Slack discussion channel, and the Leading Strand video archive.

Presenters: Individuals submitting abstracts and facing financial barriers should firstly request financial aid (see above). Permission to present your talk or poster virtually will be given only in exceptional circumstances and on a case-by-case basis. If you think you are eligible for an exemption from the requirement to present in person, please provide a justification in writing via email to Samantha Mastronardi.

Non-presenting participants: We plan to broaden access to the conference by allowing certain categories of non-presenting participants to attend virtually at reduced fees. Categories include: 
1. Individuals from low & middle income countries; 
2. Individuals from non-LMIC countries in Asia, Australasia, Africa or South America; 
3. Individuals from US & Canadian minority serving institutions; 
4. Individuals with a demonstrable financial barrier; 
5. Individuals with family obligations or other special circumstances. 
For categories 4 & 5 above, please provide a justification via email to Samantha Mastronardi

Virtual Fees:
Academic Virtual Package: $340
Grad Student Virtual Package: $210

Corporate Virtual Package: $505

Late Fee (Registrations submitted after 5:00 p.m. ET on October 1, 2024)

Late Academic Virtual Package: $440
Late Student Virtual Package: $310
Late Corporate Virtual Package: $605