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Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory is a leading international center for research and education. As part of its mission, each year CSHL organizes 25-30 scientific conferences, 20 Banbury Center meetings and 30 advanced technical science courses, with organizers, instructors and participants from all over the world.

POST COVID-19: After several pandemic years of virtual meetings attracting almost 30,000 participants, most meetings now having a hybrid format. People presenting talks or posters are generally required to attend in person, because there is so much more opportunity for feedback and discussion.

NEWS: We congratulate Drs. Katalin Karikó and Drew Weissman on winning the 2023 Nobel prize in physiology or medicine. Dr. Weissman discussed mRNA vaccines at our COVID/SARS CoV2 Rapid Research Reports virtual conference in July 2020, while Dr. Karikó spoke about the science behind the incredible success of the COVID19 mRNA vaccines at our recent biohistory conference on Recombinant DNA: Fifty Years of Discussion Debate, just 48 hours before the prize was announced on October 2 2023. Read more

CSHL Leading Strand Talk

Amita Sehgal 2021 Interview - 85th Symposium: Biological Time Keeping

2024 CSHL Symposium Poster

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Cold Spring Harbor Asia Program

Cold Spring Harbor Asia Conferences is our sister program based in Suzhou, China. Symposia, conferences and summer schools follow the Cold Spring Harbor tradition in showcasing merit-based scientific advances in an informal but intense atmosphere.

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Thanks to major federal, foundation and corporate support of our programs, we provided stipends to more than 900 graduate students and postdocs attending meetings and courses at Cold Spring Harbor in 2019.