Yeast as Experimental Model:
Origins, Insights & Breakthroughs

October  23 - 26, 2019
Abstract Deadline: August 2, 2019


David Botstein, Calico Life Sciences
Rochelle Esposito, University of Chicago
Gerald Fink, Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research/MIT
Mila Pollock, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

The meeting on Yeast as Experimental Model: Origins, Insights & Breakthroughs will begin at 7:00 PM on Wednesday, October 23rd and conclude Saturday, October 26th at 5:00 PM.

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For these unique science history meetings, we invite speakers who made many of the seminal discoveries that began a field as well as those currently working in that field. We also invite historians who have examined the scientific and societal context of the field. Like the previous meetings in the series, this meeting will provide an excellent opportunity to look in-depth at the history of a topic in biology and share stories that may be missing from purely academic accounts.

Registrations are warmly welcomed from scientists, clinicians, historians, activists, and journalists. You must be registered in order to present a poster. Once registered you will receive a confirmation email containing the link for abstract submission. If you wish to present a poster, please plan on a maximum size of 4ft x 4ft (1.22m x 1.22m). Click the Information tab above for details on presenting posters at CSHL meetings.

We have applied for funds from industry and other sponsors to partially offset registration costs for some attendees. Please apply in writing via email to Val Pakaluk and state your financial needs.

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The designated hashtag for this meeting is #cshhist19. Note that you must obtain permission from an individual presenter before live-tweeting or discussing his/her talk, poster, or research results on social media. Click the Policies tab above to see our full Confidentiality & Reporting Policy.

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