CSHL Genentech Center Conferences
on the History of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology


July 16 - 19, 2015
Registration & Poster Deadline: July 15, 2015

Mark Adams, J. Craig Venter Institute       Nigel Brown, University of Edinburgh, UK
Mila Pollock, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory     Robert Waterston, University of Washington

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) is pleased to announce the fifth meeting in its History of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology series. Entitled "The Evolution of Sequencing Technology: A Half-Century of Progress," this meeting will address the origins and development of this powerful technology over the last five decades. The meeting will begin at 7.30 pm on Thursday July 16, 2015, and will conclude after lunch on Sunday, July 19.

The opening session will include a tribute to Frederick Sanger, the father of DNA sequencing, and will cover the early efforts in protein, RNA and DNA sequencing. Other sessions will cover advances over the years in the capture of raw sequence information; the hurdles that had to be overcome to scale these methods to generate the millions of reads required for complex genomes; and the development of strategies and software that converted these millions of reads into larger segments and, ultimately, whole genomes. Also covered will be the adaptation of DNA sequencing to measure a variety of biological functions and how the dramatic decrease of the cost of DNA sequencing has led to an increasing appreciation of the significance of human variation in health and disease and to improved undertanding of our evolution as a species.

Each session will begin with a keynote talk by a leader in the field and will trace the development of the topic from its origins to the present and beyond.

The CSHL/Genentech Center Conferences on the History of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology (http://library.cshl.edu/hosted-meetings) aim to explore important themes of discovery in the biological sciences, bringing together scientists who made many of the seminal discoveries that began the field with others whose interests may include the current status of the field, the historical progress of the field, and/or the application of these techniques and approaches in biotechnology and medicine. Previous meetings in the series have included:

  • Biotechnology: Past, Present & Future (2008)
  • History of Restriction Enzymes (2013)
  • Messenger RNA: From Discovery to Synthesis and Regulation in Bacteria and Eukaryotes (2014
  • Plasmids: History & Biology (2014)


  • Early Days of Sequencing
  • Capturing Sequences
  • Access to Sequence
  • Scaling to Genomes
  • Going from Sequences to Genomes
  • Human Variation and Disease
  • Panel Discussion
  • Poster Session

Mark Adams, J. Craig Venter Institute
Gillian Air, University of Oklahoma
Shankar Balasubramanian, University of Cambridge, UK
Hagan Bayley, University of Oxford, UK
David Bentley, Illumina Cambridge, Ltd
George Brownlee, University of Oxford, UK
Graham Cameron, Bioinformatics Resource, Australia EMBL
Piero Carninci, RIKEN Ctr.for Life Science Technologies, Japan
Norman Dovichi, University of Notre Dame
J. William Efcavitch, Molecular Assemblies, Inc.
Miguel Garcia-Sancho, University of Edinburgh, UK
Mark Gerstein, Yale University
Jack Gilbert, University of Chicago
Walter Gilbert, Harvard University
Philip Green, University of Washington
Cheryl Heiner, Pacific Biosciences
Leroy Hood, Institute for Systems Biology
Clyde Hutchison, J. Craig Venter Institute
James Kent, University of California, Santa Cruz
Jonas Korlach, Pacific Biosciences
Suzanna Lewis, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Victor Ling, BC Cancer Agency, Canada
David Lipman, NCBI/NLM National Instiutes of Health
James Lupski, Baylor College of Medicine
Thomas Maniatis, Columbia University Medical Center
W. Richard McCombie, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Joachim Messing, Waksman Institute, Rutgers University
Gene Myers, Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology & Genetics, Germany
Richard Myers, HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology
Debbie Nickerson, University of Washington
James Ostell, NLM/NCBI
Mila Pollock, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Richard Roberts, New England BioLabs
Jane Rogers, International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium, UK
Mostafa Ronaghi, Illumina, Inc.
Yoshiyuki Sakaki, University of Tokly
Jay Shendure, University of Washington
Melvin Simon, Caltech
Hamilton Smith, J. Craig Venter Institute
Lloyd Smith, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Stanley Tabor, Harvard Medical School
J. Craig Venter, J. Craig Venter Institute
Robert Waterston, University of Washington
James Watson, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Jean Weissenbach, Genoscope, France
Barbara Wold, Caltech
Huanming Yang
, Beijing Genomics Institute, China

While abstracts are NOT being accepted for this meeting, we invite participants who would like to present posters at the meeting to alert us via email to Val Pakaluk . Plan on a maximum size of 4ft x 4ft (1.22m x 1.22m) for your poster.

We have applied for funds from industry and other sponsors to partially offset attendance costs for those in real financial need. Apply in writing to Val Pakaluk stating your need for financial support.

We look forward to seeing you at Cold Spring Harbor in July.

Major Sponsorship: Illumina

Regular Pricing
Academic Package $1,140
Graduate/PhD Student Package $955
Corporate Package $1,445
Academic/Student No-Housing Package $780
Corporate No-Housing Package $975

Regular packages are all inclusive and cover registration, food, housing, parking, wine-and-cheese party, lobster banquet, etc. No Housing packages include all costs except housing. Full payment is due 4 weeks prior to the meeting.