Mouse Engineering Virtual Minicourse
June 15 - 18, 2021
Full Participant application (morning lectures and afternoon workshops) deadline April 30
Lecture-Only Participant (morning lectures) deadline: June 11 @ 4:59pm EDT (registration Closed)


Tamara Caspary, Emory University School of Medicine 
Camilla Forsberg, University of California, Santa Cruz 
Diana Laird, University of California, San Francisco
Francesca Mariani, University of Southern California


 COVID-19: In place of the regular hands-on course on Mouse Development, Stem Cells & Cancer which has again been cancelled, the instructors and CSHL have put together a 4 day Mouse Engineering Virtual Minicourse

See the roll of honor - who's taken the course in the past.

This online mini-course will consist of a series of morning lectures and afternoon sessions on how to engineer mouse models for a variety of biological questions. The mini-course will be two-tiered, with lecture-only participants attending only morning sessions (10 am to 1 pm EDT), and full participants attending both morning lectures and the afternoon workshops (10 am to 5 pm EDT). The morning sessions each day will include lectures by prominent mouse engineers and the afternoon workshop sessions will include small group discussion of approaches with experts, problem-solving and other trouble-shooting and nuts-and-bolts discussions. This mini-course is targeted to graduate students, postdoctoral trainees and other science professionals who are interested in using engineered mouse models in their research in areas such as stem cell biology, development, cancer, and human disease. The goal of the mini-course is to enable participants to:

  • Become familiar with important online tools and databases for mouse genetics
  • Compare different strategies of genetic engineering, including CRISPR
  • Learn the principles of designing custom alleles
  • Understand principles of germline transmission and the strategies for breeding, genotyping and phenotyping
  • Know how to use and design genetic lineage tracing models 
  • Learn the power and challenges of inducible transgenic systems
  • Implement reporters, tags, and other modifications

2021 Lecturers:

Direna Alonso Curbelo, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Richard Behringer, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Jeffrey Bush, University of California, San Francisco 
Kat Hadjantonakis, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Jacob Hanna, Weizmann Institute of Science
Simon Hippenmeyer, IST Austria 
Alexandra Joyner, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Mark Lewandoski, National Cancer Institute/NIH
Stephen Murray, The Jackson Laboratory
Jan Parker-Thornburg, MD Anderson Cancer Center
Janet Rossant, The Hospital for Sick Children
Thom Saunders, University of Michigan
Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz, University of Cambridge

Support & Stipends
Stipends are available to offset tuition costs as follows:


Please indicate your eligibility for funding in your stipend request submitted when you apply to the course. Stipend requests do not affect selection decisions made by the instructors. 

Participation Levels & Pricing:

Full Participant (selective)               

Academic rate $500
Graduate student rate  $350
Corporate rate $850

Full participants will be selected from the pool of applicants by the instructors on the basis of CSHL's standard selection criteria for courses (see Information tab). Full participants will have access to the online lectures during the AM sessions and extended nuts-and-bolts discussion with the experts in the PM sessions. Applicants must apply above and provide 1) a ~250 word statement of research interest, and 2) a 1-2 page Curriculum Vitae. Applicants may also submit a financial aid request when applying. No fees are due until you have completed the full application process and are accepted into the course.

Before applying, ensure you have:
  1. ~250 word Research statement (REQUIRED)
  2. 1-2 page Curriculum vitae/resume (REQUIRED)
  3. Financial aid request (optional). 
  4. References NOT REQUIRED
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