Plant Genomes, Systems Biology and Engineering
December 4 - 7, 2019
Abstract Deadline: October 14, 2019


Zach Lippman, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Jane Parker,
Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research, Germany
Sue Rhee,
Carnegie Institution for Science

We are pleased to announce the eleventh Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory meeting, Plant Genomes Systems Biology and Engineering, which will begin on the evening of Wednesday, December 4, 2019, and end after lunch on Saturday, December 7. Abstracts should contain new and unpublished material. Selection of material for oral and poster presentation will be made by the organizers and individual session chairs.


  • Frontier Technologies & Synthetic Biology
  • Crop Biology & Trait Enhancement
  • Metabolic Circuits
  • Plant - Microbe
  • Development: Modules to Networks
  • Biodiversity & Environmental Adaptation
  • Genomes and Epigenomes
Keynote Speakers:

Hailing Jin, University of California, Riverside
Detlef Weigel, Max-Planck-Institute for Developmental Biology

Discussion Leaders:

Wolfgang Busch, Salk Institute
Mary Gehring, Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, MIT
Miriam Gifford, University of Warwick, UK
Cara Haney, University of British Columbia
Jim Haseloff, University of Cambridge, UK
Arthur Korte, University of Würzburg, Germany
Ute Kraemer, Ruhr University Bochum, Germany
Ksenia Krasileva, University of California, Berkeley
Raphael Mercier, Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research, Germany
Ashby Morrison, Stanford University
Moritz Nowack, Ghent University, Belgium
Donald Ort, University of Illinois
Simona Radutoiu, Aarhus University, Denmark
Elizabeth Sattely, Stanford University
Patrick Shih, University of California, Davis
Anne Simon, University of Maryland
Yuichiro Tsuchiya, Nagoya University, Japan
John Vogel, DOE Joint Genome Institute
Jin Wang, Auburn University
Detlef Weigel, Max-Planck Institute for Developmental Biology
Jian-Min Zhou, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing

Please bring this notice to the attention of any of your colleagues who may be interested in participating in the meeting.

All abstracts must be submitted by the abstract deadline. Late registrations may be accepted after the abstract deadline if the meeting is not oversubscribed. In the event of over-subscription, every effort will be made to ensure that all groups who wish to participate will be represented. The status (talk/poster) of abstracts will be posted on our web site as soon as decisions have been made by the organizers.

We are eager to have as many young people as possible attend since they are likely to benefit most from this meeting. We have applied for funds from government and industry to partially support graduate students and postdocs. Please apply in writing via email to Maureen Morrow and state your financial needs; preference will be given to those who submit abstracts.

Social Media:

The designated hashtag for this meeting is #cshlplant. Note that you must obtain permission from an individual presenter before live-tweeting or discussing his/her talk, poster, or research results on social media. Click the Policies tab above to see our full Confidentiality & Reporting Policy.

inBIO workshop

There will be a 1-day inBIO workshop held on Wednesday, December 4, prior to the start of the meeting.

This full-day workshop is aimed for scientists who see potential commercial value in their research discoveries and want to learn the basics of entrepreneurship. Participants will hear from biotech investors, communications specialists, and business development experts, who will provide attendees with the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of launching an academic spin-out company.

Please click here for more details. Applications should be submitted by September 20 (click here to apply). 

All questions regarding the inBIO workshop may be directed to Michael Gurtowski.


Academic Package: $1,220
Graduate/PhD Student Package: $1,020
Corporate Package: $1,535
Academic/Student No-Housing Package: $835
Corporate No-Housing Package: $1,035

Regular packages are all-inclusive and cover registration, food, housing, parking, a wine-and-cheese reception, and lobster banquet. No-Housing packages include all costs except housing. Full payment is due four weeks prior to the meeting.