June 3 - 16, 2015
Application Deadline: April 15, 2015

James Eberwine,
University of Pennsylvania
Amy Herr, University of California, Berkeley
Michael McConnell, University of Virginia 


Transcriptomics  /  Transcriptome In Vivo Analysis

Genomic DNA Sequencing /  Epigenomics / Metabolomics / Peptidomics

mRNA Translational Dynamics / Multiple Cellular Transfection Methodologies

Functional Genomics / Longitudinal and Multiplex Imaging / Protein Analysis

Molecular Evolution of Biological Probes  / Micromanipulation of Cells / Soft X-Ray Tomography

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The goal of this two week course is to familiarize students with the most recent cutting edge technologies for characterization of single cells. Important in this process will be highlighting the advantages to analysis of single cells in isolation and in their natural microenvironment. Sections of the course will be taught by scientists who are expert in particular areas of single cell analysis. Topics to be covered include quantitative single cell analysis by RNAseq, genomic DNA analysis, epigenetics, RNA localization analysis, proteomics, protein translation and metabolomics. The techniques to be taught will include real-time live cell quantification where appropriate.  Multiple nucleic amplification methodologies including aRNA, single cell PCR, MALBAC and MDA will be employed. Further multiple techniques to isolate specific cell populations and individual cells will be utilized.

Speakers in 2015 include:
Nancy Allbritton, University of North Carolina
Kristin Baldwin, The Scripps Research Institute
Rong Fan, Yale University
Silvia Gravina, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Garry Nolan, Stanford University School of Medicine
Jonathan Sweedler, University of Illinois, Urbana
Thierry Voet, KU Leuven & Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Belgium

The course will include the use of model systems such as mouse, rat, Aplysia and C. Elegans.

We anticipate this course will be supported with funds provided by:
National Institute of General Medical Sciences, Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Helmsley Charitable Trust 

Cost (including tuition, board and lodging): $3,735

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Students accepted into the course should plan to arrive by early evening on June 2 and plan to depart after lunch on June 16.