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2014/2015 Corporate
Sponsor Support

Core support for the meetings program is generously provided by the following companies. For information about participating in these important programs, or to find out about sponsoring individual meetings,
please contact Marcie Siconolfi.

Corporate Sponsors
Agilent Technologies
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
Genentech, Inc.
Life Technologies (part of Thermo Fisher Scientific)
New England BioLabs

Plant Corporate Associates
Monsanto Company
Dupont/Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.

Hudson-Alpha Institute for Biotechnology

2014/2015 Course Support

Major funding for the Cold Spring Harbor course program is provided by a generous grant from
Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Federal Funding
National Cancer Institute
National Institute of Child Health and Human Development
National Institute on Drug Abuse
National Institute of General Medical Sciences
National Human Genome Research Institute
National Science Foundation
Office of Naval Research

American Brain Tumor Association
American Express Philanthropy
Burroughs Wellcome Fund
Lustgarten Foundation
Nancy Lurie Marks Family Foundation
Pancreatic Cancer Action Network
Stanley Foundation

The International Brain Research Organization through the auspices of the Society for Neuroscience provide full scholarships for a small number of selected students from the developing world.

Supplies & Equipment (2014): ASI Imaging; Agilent Technologies Inc.; Andor Technology; Applied Biosystems; Applied Precision; Art Robbins Institute; Astro-Med Inc.; BD Biosciences; Berthold Technologies USA, LLC; Bioline USA; Bio-Rad Laboratories; Bitplane; Cairn Research LTD; Caliper Life Sciences; Carl Zeiss Inc.; Chroma Technology Corporation; Clontech; Coherent Laser; ConOptics; CoolLED; Corning Inc.; Covaris, Inc.; CrystaLaser; Dage-MTI; Doric Lenses; Drummond Scientific Company; Epicentre; Eppendorf North America; Fludigm; Fotodyne Inc.; Forte Bio; GE Life Sciences; Hamamatsu Photonic Systems; Hamilton Thorne Biosciences; Hampton Research; Harvard Apparatus Inc.; Heka Instruments; Illumina Inc.; Intelligent Imaging Innovations Inc.; Integrated DNA Technologies; Invitrogen; Jackson Immunoresearch Laboratories; Kinetic Systems Inc.; Kopf Instruments; Leica Microsystems Inc.; Life Technologies; LI-COR; Luigs & Neumann; Mightex; Millipore Corporation; Miltenyi Biotec Inc.; Molecular Devices; Nanodrop Technologies; NanoTemper Technologies; Narishige International USA Inc.; Nasco; New England Biolabs Inc.; Nikon Inc.; Nonlinear Dynamics; NuGEN; Olympus America Inc.; Pel-Freez, Inc.; PerkinElmer Life and Analytical Sciences; Photometrics; Prairie Technologies; Prior Scientific; Promega Corporation; Qiagen Inc.; RC Testing Services; Rapp Optoelectronic GmbH; Roche Applied Science; Roche Nimblegen; Sage Science Inc.; Scientifica Ltd.;  SciGene; Semrock, Inc.; Singer Instruments; Spectra-Physics Lasers Inc.; Spectral Applied Research; Sutter Instruments; Taconic Farms; Tecan US, Inc.; Thermo Fisher Scientific; Thor Labs; Tokai Hit; Warner Instruments; Waters Corporation; World Precision Instruments

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