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(May 2015)

Abstracts and presentations at Cold Spring Harbor meetings must be considered as personal communications. With the growth of internet and social networking tools, the Laboratory is introducing an updated reporting policy that is intended to protect the right of presenting authors to discuss unpublished data at our meetings.

By registering for the meeting, you agree to abide by the following policy.

Any participant intending to blog, twitter or otherwise communicate or disseminate results or discussion presented at the meeting to anonymous third parties must obtain permission from the relevant presenting author BEFORE communicating any results or discussion to third party groups, message boards, blogs or other online resources (other than your own lab or departments).

As a matter of courtesy, we would be grateful it if you would let us notify in advance of your intentions by emailing meetings@cshl.edu.

Professional media participants (editors, journalists, science writers etc) should register via our media registration page.

The Laboratory reserves the right to take appropriate action in the event of abuse of this policy.



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