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September 24 - 28, 2013
Abstract Deadline: August 2, 2013

Konrad Hochedlinger, Massachusetts General Hospital
Fiona Watt, Kings College London, UK
Ting Xie, Stowers Institute for Medical Research

We are pleased to host the third meeting on Stem Cell Biology, which will begin with 7.30 pm on Tuesday, September 24, 2013 and run through lunch on Saturday, September 28.

The meeting will focus on the basic biology of stem cells and the dynamic interactions between stem cells and their microenvironment or niche. Topics will include the mechanisms controlling stem cell proliferation, differentiation, pluripotency and reprogramming. Emerging concepts about the regulation of multipotent cells during early embryo development, tissue regeneration and tumor progression will be emphasized.

Tentative Topics:
Somatic stem cells and tissue regeneration
Pluripotent stem cells and epigenetic gene regulation
Cellular reprogramming and transdifferentiation
Stem cells in disease modeling and therapy
Lineage determination
Stem cells in model organisms
Stem cell niches/asymmetric stem cell division
Cancer and stem cells

Keynote Speaker:
Rudolf Jaenisch,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Invited Speakers:
Iannis Aifantis, New York University
Joerg Betschinger, University of Cambridge, UK
Cedric Blanpain, IRIBHM, Université Libre de Bruxelles
Michael Boutros, German Cancer Research Center, Germany
Sheng Ding, Gladstone Institutes
Daniela Drummond-Barbosa, Johns Hopkins University
Elaine Fuchs, The Rockefeller University
Valentina Greco, Yale University
Kim Jensen, University of Cambridge, UK
Judith Kimble, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Juergen Knoblich, Institute of Molecular Biology, Austria
Erika Matunis, Johns Hopkins University
Ruth McKernan, Pfizer, UK
Hanna Mikkola, University of California, Los Angeles
Hiro Nakauchi, University of Cambridge, UK
Ben Ohlstein, Columbia University
Roger Pedersen, University of Cambridge, UK
Graziella Pellegrini, University of Modena
Jay Rajagopal, Harvard University
Ben Simons, University of Cambridge, UK
Hon-Jun Song, Johns Hopkins University
Allan Spradling, Carnegie Institute for Science/HHMI
Ben Stanger, University of Pennsylvania
Lorenz Studer, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Paul Tesar, Case Western Reserve University
Ludovic Vallier, University of Cambridge, UK
Inder Verma, Salk Institute
Marius Wernig, Stanford University
Joanna Wysocka, Stanford University

Abstracts should contain only new and unpublished material and are welcome for consideration as poster presentations (a small number may be selected as talks) and must be submitted electronically by the abstract deadline. Selection of material for poster and oral presentation will be made by the organizers. Status (talk/poster) of abstracts will be posted on our web site as soon as decisions have been made by the organizers.

We are eager to have as many young people as possible attend since they are likely to benefit most from this meeting. We have applied for funds from government and industry to partially support graduate students and postdocs. Apply in writing to Kate Bradley ( stating need for financial support - preference is given to those submitting abstracts.

We look forward to seeing you at Cold Spring Harbor in September.

This conference is supported, in part, by funds provided by

Academic Package $1380
Graduate/PhD Student Package $1145
Corporate Package $1775
Academic/Student No-Housing Package $935

Corporate No-Housing Package $1190

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Regular packages are all inclusive and cover registration, food, housing, parking, wine-and-cheese party, lobster banquet, etc. No Housing packages include all costs except housing. Full payment is due 4 weeks prior to the meeting.




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