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October 1- 5, 2013
Abstract Deadline: July 19, 2013
Abstracts are no longer being accepted

Thomas Clandinin, Stanford University
Linda Restifo, University of Arizona

See below for nominations for Elkins Memorial Lecture Award (due July 19)

We are pleased to announce the fifteenth biennial Neurobiology of Drosophila meeting, which will be held at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. The meeting will begin at 7.30pm on the evening of Tuesday, October 1, and will conclude after lunch on Saturday, October 5.

The goals of this conference are to provide a forum for the presentation of late breaking advances in Drosophila neurobiology, to exchange ideas and techniques, to stimulate future research and collaborations, and to recognize and encourage younger investigators and women working in this field. We strongly encourage all participants to submit an abstract(s) of your their most recent work for consideration as an oral or poster presentation. In the event of the meeting being oversubscribed, preference to attend will go to those submitting abstracts. The organizers will endeavor to accept for participation at least one representative of every applicant laboratory either engaged in or about to embark on Drosophila neurobiological research. We particularly encourage active participation by younger investigators and minority scientists.

Seymour Benzer Keynote Lecture:
Larry Zipursky, HHMI/University of California, Los Angeles

Sessions Include:
Brain, Behavior and Evolution
Kathleen Siwicki, Swarthmore College

Higher Order Nervous System Function
Ulrike Heberlein, HHMI/Janelia Farm Research Campus

Neural Circuits and Computation
Glenn Turner, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Neural Development
Wesley Grueber, Columbia University

Neurological Disease Models & Mechanisms
Annette Schenck, Radboud University

Synaptic Transmission & Plasticity
Noreen Reist, Colorado State University

Technological Innovations & Applications
Michael Nitabach, Yale University

Abstracts should contain only new and unpublished material and must be submitted electronically by the abstract deadline. Selection of material for oral and poster presentation will be made by the organizers and individual session chairs. Status (talk/poster) of abstracts will be posted on our web site as soon as decisions have been made by the organizers.

We are eager to have as many young people as possible attend since they are likely to benefit most from this meeting. We have applied for funds from government and industry to partially support graduate students and postdocs. Apply in writing to Andrea Stephenson ( stating need for financial support - preference is given to those submitting abstracts.

We look forward to seeing you at Cold Spring Harbor in October.

Nominate your student(s) for the 2013 Elkins Memorial Lecture Award - Graduate students working in any area of Drosophila neurobiology are eligible. Suitable candidates should be nominated by their thesis advisor on the basis of work that was carried out or completed since the last Cold Spring Harbor meeting in October 2011. The nomination letter outlining the qualifications of the candidate and the significance of the research, a C.V. and PDFs of relevant reprints or manuscripts should be submitted electronically to by July 19, 2013. (this is the same date as the Abstract Deadline for the meeting). We will notify the recipient of the honor by the first week of September.

Funding is under consideration by the National Institutes of Health.

Regular Pricing
Academic Package $1380
Graduate/PhD Student Package $1145
Corporate Package $1775
Academic/Student No-Housing Package $935

Corporate No-Housing Package $1190

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Regular packages are all inclusive and cover registration, food, housing, parking, wine-and-cheese party, lobster banquet, etc. No Housing packages include all costs except housing. Full payment is due 4 weeks prior to the meeting.



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