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Our affiliate program Cold Spring Harbor Asia Conferences is based in Suzhou, China. Symposia, conferences and summer schools follow the Cold Spring Harbor tradition in showcasing merit-based scientific advances in an informal but intense atmosphere.

Paper on the fast dynamics of RNA genetic circuitry just published by participants of the inaugural CSHL Synthetic Biology summer course. See the CSHL Synbio course blog for more background and what to expect for those enrolling for CSHL SynBio 2.0 this July/August.

Thanks to federal funds, foundation, corporate and society support, we provided partial stipends to almost 550 graduate students and postdocs who are attending meetings or courses at Cold Spring Harbor in 2014.

Please enquire about funding for individual meetings by email to meetings@cshl.edu. Requests for financial aid for the courses are part of the application process.

Partner meetings and courses

CERN and antimatter, Hubble and the Big Bang, Antarctic extremes, and a 'meeting of the minds' at Cold Spring Harbor, courtesy of the San Francisco Exploratorium's Origins


"I really appreciate the amount of work and passion that instructors and assistants put into the course to make it so wonderful. I am truly grateful and benefited from the course"

"Excellent instruction and guidance combined with a relaxed and open atmosphere. Simply, it was excellent, both intellectually and as a means of opening new paths into the immediate future"

"I really appreciated this course and would not have been able to learn these things elsewhere"

"The course was excellent overall, very intense. By far, one of my top scientific experiences!"

"This is one of the best courses I have ever taken! The instructors and teaching assistants were superb"

"The greatest compliment I can pay is that I came to this course after being told that it would change my life. Pretty high expectations indeed! Looking back, this course has not only met, but exceeded, my expectations"

"The instructors and TAs were phenomenal. Everyone was incredibly patient, helpful, and all worked unbelievably hard to help us understand the experiments. This was an amazing experience"

"I found the course to be most beneficial and enjoyable. This course should exist as long as there are bacteria to study"

"The course was very hands-on with an excellent balance of theory. The instructors worked so hard on this course! Exceeded all of my expectations"

"Excellent experience led by knowledgeable experts in the field. Guest lecturers were invaluable"

"Practical and theoretical contents were well balanced and distributed. Now I have more contacts from very specialized scientists to whom I could ask about my doubts and help on projects"


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